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In 2017, Do The Rights Thing was created to help small to medium sized record labels, publishers, managers and independent artists understand their rights, register their rights and process their royalties to ensure correct and accurate payments.

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Music Royalty Expert

Lucilla Green, MD of Do The Rights Thing, has had extensive royalties experience, working as Royalties Manager at digital rights collection agency Merlin Network where she helped hundreds of record labels globally understand their royalties and ensure correct payments were being made from DSP’s to Merlin, and by Merlin to the labels. She has also worked as Business Development Manager at The Music Royalty Co and Korrect Royalty Software, where she experienced the difficulties music companies go through when trying to understand and process their royalties; clean metadata, accurate reporting, correct rates, integration with third party delivery platforms. She has also helped independent artists register their rights with royalty collection societies and understand royalty payments.

Lucilla Green Music Royalty Accountant

Music Rights Management

Royaltles Accounts For Artists

Services Offered

  • Royalty processing services for record labels publishers, managers and artists
  • Rights registrations at relevant collection societies for record labels, publishers, performers and songwriters
  • AP2 and AP4 MCPS licence applications 
  • US mechanical royalty processing and licence application with HFA
  • Metadata cleaning; Assistance in selecting a royalty software system
  • On-boarding of data in royalty software system
  • Account reconciliation for artists
  • Business consulting for start-ups and artists
  • All services are also available in Spanish


Royalties Accounts for Producers


Lucilla offered to deliver a simple soulution to our problem and she certainly delivered. The focus of the task was to assist us by processesing royalties and associated tasks for Naim Records. Lucilla took a very methodical approach, guiding us through the process and worked very hard to meet to a tight deadline. What worked really well for me was throughout the process, Lucilla clearly explained what she was doing and how she was doing it. Royalties are a complex subject but her consultative approach helped to decode and demystify some the complexities. This meant that we learned from the experience rather than just simply outsourcing it. I would highly recommend ‘Do The Rights Thing Ltd’. A professional, efficient and super friendly service. Thanks again.

Lela Robins Label Manager Naim Records

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Royalties Accounts for Managers

International Rights Management

Lucilla can help collect international royalties earned in foreign countries, such as US mechanicals and international performance royalties.  She can also ensure that rights registrations are accurate and the correct third party forms are signed so that foreign royalties are not missed.  

Lucilla Green Music Royalty Accountant

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